The attorneys and staff of Fox, O’Neill & Shannon, S.C., individually and as a group, offer the firm’s clients a wide range of knowledge and experience that rivals any other law firm in Wisconsin. We have a long history of serving clients in complex transactions and litigation, and each of our attorneys is committed to providing clients personal and efficient service.

  • William Fitzhugh Fox

    William Fitzhugh Fox

  • Thomas P. Shannon

    Thomas P. Shannon

  • William R. Soderstrom

    William R. Soderstrom

  • Diane Slomowitz

    Diane Slomowitz

  • Allan T. Young

    Allan T. Young

  • Gregory J. Ricci

    Gregory J. Ricci

  • Francis J. Hughes

    Francis J. Hughes

  • Matthew W. O'Neill

    Matthew W. O’Neill

  • Laurna A. Kinnel

    Laurna A. Kinnel

  • Jacob A. Manian

    Jacob A. Manian

  • Michael G. Koutnik

    Michael G. Koutnik

  • Lauren E. Maddente

    Lauren E. Maddente

  • Robert J. Ollman

    Robert J. Ollman, Jr.

  • Kenneth P. Barczak

    Kenneth P. Barczak

  • Bruce C. O'Neill

    Bruce C. O’Neill 1942-2016